Tim's Minim HouseTim and Shannon in Rochester, NY bought the very first set of Minim House plans last fall, and then auditioned for the Tiny House Nation TV show that just started airing on the FYI network. Last night Episode 3 featured their Minim House build. Great job all around!  More photos of their build here. (Episode 3 is not available for free, but is available on itunes for $2.99, or online via your cable provider here).

Tim wrote in to say, “We are definitely enjoying it to the fullest!  As far as the build time, it didn’t take long at all, roughly 4-5 days to completely finish it from scratch.  I’m sure it would’ve taken us much longer if we had done it ourselves, but these guys were total pros.”


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  1. Thanks Brian! Tim and I couldn’t be happier with the house and episode! To be honest, we never could have achieved such an amazing result without your design. Everyone who sets foot in the house digs the open feel. We had a viewing party for the episode and comfortably sat 9 people, and could’ve had more. I even got my pole up and have enough clearance on all sides to rock some sweet moves😜We cannot thank you enough for the brains and creativity that produced such a great floor plan. You rock!

    Anyone who wants to see more of our Minim Home and our adventures can follow me on Instagram @shannonsoine

    Much love,


  2. The fake drama is sort of annoying. Other than that, it’s a good showcase of the design.

  3. Is there a concern for pipes coming in to trailer or out freezing. How do you deal with this since you are on a trailer and not foundation, or is this not an issue.

    • On board water system works well as long as house is kept above freezing. If water hose/cistern hose is needed to fill onboard tank, heat tape works well in cold weather.

  4. Don’t know if you’ve heard but this family has been cited by the town and has two weeks (maybe one week now) to move the unit. I can’t seem to get an email address for them, but I would recommend they contact the mayor of their fair city (where I grew up) and scream bloody murder; an appt with him/her complete with the video, design specs, DESIGN AWARDS, and the available on line information that many cities are welcoming these houses with their accompanying taxpaying citizens, not driving them out. If it were me, I’d threaten to let the entire world know how backwards Rochester can be if they can’t find a way to accommodate this new way of sustainable living, but that’s just me. I’m old, crabby and tired of effing bureaucrats. This is harassment, plain and simple.

  5. Signalfire6, I’ve contacted the couple and have already started organizing a tiny house collective here in Rochester. They may have not approached it the right way, but there is research to be done prior to jumping on the city and making demands. There are concerns that both the city as well as neighbors have. I’ve been in the architecture field for 14 years and hope we can move forward in a civil manner. You need to be able to speak their language and address their concerns, it’s not a spur if the moment answer. Preparation is key to be successful in this venture. A few cities across the US have approved zoning variances, speaking to those who have gone through it will be very advantageous. If you know of towns/cities who have approved tiny living I would love to hear from you and if you could put us in contact, even better.



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