The materials costs listed below do not include labor.  However, labor is significantly reduced in building shell construction and insulation through the use of structural insulated panels (SIPs), which represent the framing+insulation+base interior/exterior walls.  With SIPs, a crew of 2 can build up the Minim House insulated shell, with windows, in 5 days.

SIPs costs have also been significantly reduced through a partnership with the Murus Company. Since all the design and engineering work has already been completed, and the factory has produced the plans before, we are able to directly pass on the savings to buyers who purchase Minim House plans.  SIPs panels cost $5600+delivery.

Note costs do not include off-grid solar system, off grid (12v) appliances, or off grid water filtration system, as pricing may vary depending on specific requirements.

Minim House built with SIPs panels