PLANS: Minim House plans include 3 sets of full size (24’‘x36’’) detailed elevations*, professionally reviewed structural engineering drawings, SIPs specs, 18 pages of material order notes and construction guidelines, and over 100 annotated build photos.  Order the Minim House plans, then order the trailer, the SIPs panels, then get your tiny house framed+insulated in 2 weeks. Plans cost $495 + S&H (compare to $759+ for comparable Tumbleweed Tiny House plans). Note additional shipping charges may apply for orders outside of the Continental USA. 

Note that the SIPs specs may be used by any SIPs manufacturer across the U.S. to construct panels. However, we have negotiated a discount with Murus manufacturing for $5600 for a complete set of Minim House SIPs panels (Murus ships nationwide, delivery costs not included).

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*Elevations include: Trailer and Floor; Reflected Ceiling, Power and Window Schedule; Wall Sections; Exterior Elevations Exterior Elevations; Structural Elevations; SIPS Panel Drawings: Wall Panels, Roof Panels and Details.  Also included are comprehensive plans for the table mount, bookshelves, mason jar racks, bath wall panels and bath pan, etc.