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Purchase Process

Who is building the completed Minim Homes? Homes will be offered by Minim Built, LLC in partnership with Minim Homes LLC.  Minim Built will be working with a nationally known home manufacturer to quickly deliver high quality units across the country.

What is the lead time?

Your Minim unit will be complete 3-4 weeks after Minim Built has received a signed Purchase Agreement, Deposit and final order details. Shipping times vary depending on distance from Virginia and weather.

What is the ordering process?

  • Select Model and Options
  • Receive final pricing and Purchase Agreement from Minim Built LLC
  • Return Purchase Agreement and 50% deposit (payment 1 of 3).
  • MinimBuilt will notify you of schedule.
  • Submit 40% payment (payment 2 of 3) when notified that unit is complete and ready for shipping.
  • Submit final 10% payment (payment 3 of 3) once the unit is delivered, set and inspected.

Can I tow my Minim House?

If you order your Minim on a trailer, you can tow it. The Minim meets federal highway towing standards for height to not exceed 13’-6”. The 12’-0” width requires a special “Wide Load” permit. Some secondary/local roads may have underpasses lower than 13’-6” that would prohibit towing. We generally recommend hiring a professional hauler to move the house, who can arrange necessary insurance, wide load permitting, and overpass screening.

Do you offer a warranty?

Your Minim will come with a manufacturers warranty. Details forthcoming.


House Specifications

What’s different between the completed Minim unit I may buy and the one built from the plans I can buy on the website? The completed Minim (Basic or Deluxe) has a few refinements not available in the model build from the plans:

  • At 12’ wide, it is 1’ wider.
  • It is built with more traditional stick framing, not SIPs panels. However insulation values are quite similar.
  • There are additional window options on the back wall (hitch side)
  • The bath has a standalone shower area (no wet bath), and bathroom door


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